Mission statement

We, as God's family in this church, intend at all times to seek God's way and remain
open to the Holy Spirit. Recognising the role that we all play in the total ministry of
the Church, we commit ourselves to carry out and develop the following:

In Worship...
We will strive to enable every person to experience the presence of God and
respond to Him. We will:

  • Worship together as a body and in groups
  • Extend our worship to every aspect of our daily lives
In Mission...
We are responsible for presenting Jesus to the people. To do this we will:
  • Actively care for our church family and our neighbours in the town
  • Strive for a fair and just society in all parts of the world, especially locally
  • Proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ
In Fellowship...
We will seek to build each other up in the Body of Christ. We will:
  • Encourage a community of acceptance and support
  • Develop and use the gifts and talents which God gives us