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Feb 2009
Accidentally fell upon your very nice website - good job! and appreciate your mission statement. I'm a retired U.M. Pastor living in Kalispell, Montana, USA. Hope to get to England (& Wales! ed.) again some day. Blessings!


December 2008
Alyson and Bruce Lahrey, in Australia, sent good wishes for Christmas 2008 and the new Year 2009, to all their friends at Wrexham Methodist Church. They thank us for greetings received by them.

21st September 2008
What a wonderful warm welcome my family received on Sun 21st of Sept. Phil and Alison Palmer travelled from Cornwall to see family and friends as the following weekend would be their silver anniversary - it was 25 years ago in Regent Street their marriage had taken place. Also in the car for the journey were Frank, Alison's father, and Ebony. Joining them this Sunday were Sandra, Steve, Michelle, Martin and Judith. The joy of seeing my family received so warmly filled my heart... Regent Street is truly a place blessed with God's love and what a privilege it is to be a member.

God Bless, Michelle

30th August 2008
Found your website while I was looking for something else. It brought back a lot of happy memories, especially of the youth fellowship which I led for a time with Christine Walters. It was also nice to recognise names among those sending greetings. I wish you well and hope one day to visit you again

Ian Whyte

19th August 2004
My name is David Williams (at one time in my youth I used to be known as “Darkie” Williams). I lived at 5 Windsor Drive and attended Brynyfynnon Methodist Church – as it was then called – with my two sisters Ruth and Moira. I was a regular attender at the Church until I had to leave Wrexham, initially to fulfil my National Service commitment, and later to study at the University of Cambridge.
I recall Miss Fisher as the primary Sunday School teacher and, even more so, David Raymond Charles as the main Sunday School leader.

My mother Mrs Vera Williams was also a regular attender; my father died in 1960 and, many years later, my mother married Rev. Dr Alfred Wesley Hill, who had been a missionary in China before the 1st World War and who was also a practising general practitioner in the Wrexham area as well as being a Methodist minister. I visit Wrexham fairly regularly and have also visited the Wrexham Methodist Church both during the weekdays and on Sundays.

I now live mainly in Reading where my wife, Janis, and I have lived for many years and where I have been employed as a consultant in the Royal Berkshire Hospital. I have been an accredited local preacher for over 40 years and am a church steward at Wesley Methodist Church in Reading.

I hope that there are some who remember me from my younger days. I wish all the best to the Wrexham Methodist Church, its minister and its congregation.

Best wishes,
David Llewelyn Williams

21st July 2003
It must be about fifteen years since I was there! Regular member of the sunday evening youth group, holiday club (and anything else going on!) and did some training to be a local preacher. (I was the one who always needed a lift back to Brymbo!) I visit Wrexham from time to time but fifteen years is a long time and haven't plucked up the courage to visit the church again! Hello to anyone who remembers me anyway!

Debbie Hughes

4th March 2003
Greetings from Seattle, Washington, United States. I'm a member of Seatle First United Methodist, and I'm hoping to come to the Wrexham area with my family in the summer, when my nieces will be competing in the Eisteddfodd at Llangollen. If our plans work out, I will check back about worship times. Thank you for putting up such an informative website - it really helps!

Sincerely, Maia Speer Hartley

15th January 2002
Congratulations - although we're not on the Net our daughter is. We 'surfed' with her help and found the site to be well presented and very informative. PS Any organists out there?!

Myra & Keith Baugh (Caergwrle)

30th December 2002
Congratulations on a splendid website. Delighted to see so much life in the church. Please give our love and best wishes to all members and friends. Every Blessing for the New Year.

Alan and Rosemary Cliff

18th December 2002
Hallo there. Does anybody remember me? I was your minister from 1967-74! Margaret Owen has sent me your website. Most impressed by it. Shall look at it from time to time to see what you are up to! Love from Anne and myself with Christmas greetings. I don't suppose there are very many who remember us now!

Arthur Valle (Rev.)
29th November 2002
Really good web site. Spent most of my school holidays in Wrexham at Plas Coch Farm where my aunty lived. I believe it's a B & Q store now. I can't believe the farm house was knocked down. I would have thought it was a listed building. Spent all my Sundays on holiday at Brynafinan (must be wrong spelling!). Happy memories of days spent in Sam's milk bar.

God bless you all,
Jane Phillips (Saltburn Methodist Church)
29th November 2002
Dear Friends,
We have been very pleased to have Horace with us this week and we are sending him back to you with our best wishes. God bless you in your work.

Sincerely, David & Susan Mycock and Grace Whitaker
Thornleigh Hotel Grange-over-Sands

16th November 2002
Congratulations. Jolly good web site. Looking forward to seeing the updates.

John and Joyce

6th November 2002
IT'S A SMALL WORLD... Hello everyone! We've finally settled in a house in Huddersfield after being put up in a nice holiday cottage in Holmfirth near 'Sid's Cafe'!(courtesy of my husband's new employees). Today I stopped for a cuppa in the village up the road before taking Jem to the baby clinic. I got chatting to an elderly gentlemen who was serving and explained we'd moved from Wrexham. He said there was two things that he knew about Wrexham - firstly, he'd driven the wrong way up a street after a fishing trip and secondly he knew a certain Rev Philip Barnett! I couldn't believe it. I haven't been able to get to church yet - I'd have gone to Almondbury Methodist but as it means climbing a killer of hill - I'm going to go the opposite way to a St Pauls Methodist Church which is only a 10 mins walk.(Mention Almondbury Bank to Philip-he should understand!)

Hope all is well (a big 'Hello' to the Alternative Housegroup). Jemma is doing very well and now weighs 17lbs 1oz.

God bless, Ally (Allison & Jemma Parry)


23rd October 2002
During a flying visit to Wrexham at the weekend - it was good to be with you at Regent St on the Sun morning - we spotted the web site on the notices! Very impressive!! I think it might be a little while before the West Bromwich churches have one to match! Love and prayers,

Sarah & James Pritchard (nee Rowlands)

21st October 2002
Congratulations. Nice clear and uncluttered site, easy to navigate. Will you be developing the "Activities" section to describe the various activities, where and when they are held? Having just moved into the area, Evelyn and I have very much appreciated the warm welcome we have received each time we have worshipped at Wrexham and also when we have worshipped at Caergwrle (I had to check the spelling there!). It will take a lot of effort to maintain the website and keep it live and relevant, but very worthwhile and needed in this computer age. Every blessing. In Christ's love,

Bob Gilston


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